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Students, today the teacher brought you four kinds of rocks, have you seen them anywhere, do you know what kind of rocks they are?
Guess, evaluate, and quote
Wow... It seems that students know a lot about rocks...
So now if you're a little geologist, how are you going to study these rocks?
Observe with your eyes, touch with your hands, smell with your nose, etc
What tools, if any, would you use to research?
Magnifying glass, microscope, hammer, nail, etc
The students spoke very well, very close to geologist status, and the teacher gave you these four tools. Ask your group to discuss quietly, how can we explore our four kinds of rocks with the four tools given by the teacher?
Use a magnifying glass to observe the rock structure, such as grain size, thickness, color and so on.
Hammer into a small piece, look hard and soft
Lead to listen to the sound is clear or deep? Can you knock hard? Why not?
Remember what we did before? So what can nails be used for?
Used to distinguish the hardness of rocks, if...
The students are very flexible in their application of knowledge
Let's go to the last thing, do you know how to use it to explore our rocks?
Students first contact with dilute hydrochloric acid, not familiar with his usage, we through micro video to understand......
The teacher wants to ask whether the experiment should be done first or last. Why...... Good, the teacher thought of the students have thought.
Now, to summarize your methods, first of all the magnifying glass, the students mentioned that you can look at the size of the particles, the thickness, but also what else can you look at the geology will look at these aspects, such as the layer, what is the layer...
Layer, pores, spots, patterns, particles and other hyperlinks
Ok, and then to conclude, use hammer to hit sound, use nails to depict the rock is soft and hard, use dilute hydrochloric acid to see if there are bubbles
Finally, our experiment plan is ready. How should we work together in groups?
Please handsome liu qiushi gong zi mo li han to say......
Well, the teacher to summarize, take turns to observe, dilute hydrochloric acid corrosive, at the end. Finally, I hope to record the observation in time.
Do you have any questions, please ❓ please get the material begins to observe group leader.
Please go back to your seats. I see that the third group is still engaged in observation. The whole class is waiting for you.
Well, the teacher is looking forward to your observation results. Now, please select one rock that you have observed most comprehensively for the report. If other students need to add, please raise your hand.
All right, that team report on rock one. The simple blackboard writing
Students, scientists have also studied these rocks and recorded the characteristics of these four rocks, and we can know the names of these rocks by comparing our observations.
Granite,...... Which rock is it? Limestone, marble, sandstone
Wow, you guys are amazing. You can discover these types of rocks in one class. You are the best little geologist. The teacher wants you to use today's knowledge to continue exploring other rocks in your life. Class is over
Design a rock specimen map and do it.