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1. 砷黄铁矿
2. 温石绵
3. 蓝矾
4. 碲汞矿
5. 方铅矿
6. 红铊铅矿
7. 三硫化二砷
8. 辉锑矿
9. 铜铀云母
10. 朱砂
When you pick up a beautiful mineral in the wild, maybe the danger is now in your body. In geology, many rocks or ores have bright appearance, but they have the most lethal toxicity. Next let's look at 10 of the world's most deadly natural minerals.
This kind of stone occurs in high temperature hydrothermal deposits, and generally coexists with other rare stones. Because it contains sulfur and arsenic, it smells like garlic when heated or beaten. This kind of stone is poisonous. Wash your hands immediately after touching it.
2. warm asbestos
This kind of stone has strong carcinogenicity. Asbestos fiber can be divided into lung, smaller particles and fibers are rapidly cut, and too long touch time will lead to disease. Therefore, workers engaged in asbestos excavation are prone to occupational diseases.
3. blue vitriol
The infiltration of crystals and water into alum may have a fatal effect on animals and plants. Because of this special effect, it is also a common ingredient in herbicides and insecticides.
4. tellurium mine
This kind of stone often occurs in cooled magmatic rocks. This is an ore of mercury and tellurium melted at high temperature. Because tellurium is toxic, it will release toxic substances when heated. If you are not careful, you will die.
5. galena
Galena is a common sulfide, its structure is very weak. Due to various toxic substances, long-term touch or inhalation of dust will lead to lead poisoning.
6. Red thallium lead ore
The ore is composed of thallium, lead, arsenic and other elements, which can be found throughout Europe. Touch for a long time will lead to hair loss, leading to severe disease and even death.
7. Arsenic trisulfide
The ore is often found in hydrothermal vents made of arsenic, sulfur and other materials. Long time exposure to the release of neurotoxin poisoning. In many civilizations, people will use this kind of ore to make poison arrows in conflict with arrows, which is also the raw material for making arsenic.
8. antimony deposit
It used to be cut by rich people to make tableware, but many people died before the end of production. The cutting of the stone can lead to poisoning, which looks like arsenic poisoning.
9. Cu-u-mica
This ore is common in granite. They are made of uranium and are very popular with collectors. But the ore has radiation, and also releases toxic radon gas.
10. cinnabar
Cinnabar is one of the most poisonous rocks in the world, often found near volcanoes. After heating the ore, mercury and other substances are released. But in ancient civilization, cinnabar was thought to have a healing effect.